Law Abiding Vs. Non Law Abiding

Lawlessness in American society has always existed to a certain degree throughout its entire history. To deter crime, laws have been created by lawmakers since the country’s inception. When new types of crimes are committed, new laws will be enacted to counter them. But is our modern society and culture encouraging people to commit offenses against others without feeling guilt or remorse? Let’s take a brief look and find out.

Important Things to Know

Unpunished Crimes

In many cities, states, and even on the federal level, we hear about crimes being committed without authorities taking action to investigate, make an arrest, or to prosecute cases. When this happens, it will only promote others to commit the same offenses with the belief that they will get the same treatment. Even politicians are committing crimes that are clearly on the books without being indicted to answer for them.

Falsely Accused

On the other side of the coin, corrupt officers, negligent investigators, and overzealous district attorneys, even though they are few, are arresting and prosecuting innocent citizens without sufficient evidence or proper investigations. In some cases, citizens are being framed by other citizens, while others had innocent intent. In these cases, a good criminal defense lawyer can help the accused to get the charges dropped.

Our Changing Culture

Today’s political atmosphere is nurturing hate against fellow citizens just because they may have a different view of controversial issues. What ever happen to the days when people and politicians could sit and discuss the issues of the day and walk away shaking hands even when they agree to disagree? This culture of aggressiveness and hatred must be reversed before our country falls apart and becomes divided.

It’s Up to All of Us

Everyone wants to live their life in peace and harmony with their neighbors, coworkers, and everybody they meet on a daily basis. With a culture of hate and lawlessness, this cannot happen. Every citizen must take control of what happens in their community, schools, on the Internet, and what our politicians are promoting. However, living with peace and security must begin at home with how we raise our children and how we treat other. Take the initiative and make a difference.